What is Sense+?
Sense+ consists of a smart dock and an App.
The dock has the latest smoke and carbon monoxide sensors build in and the App transforms the dock into a multi-function life saving solution that you can customize to your needs.
Easy to setup
How does it work?
sense+ setup
sense+ setup2
sense+ setup3
sense+ use1
sense+ use2
sense+ use3
Download the app
from the App store.
Launch the App and the guided setup helps you to enter the preferred alarm options and your emergency contacts.
You are done!
Plug in the Sense+ dock and dock your phone.
When smoke or carbon monoxide is detected the alarm will go off. Acknowledge the alarm or turn it off.
The app will ask you to activate the alarm on the other phones in the house.
If you haven't selected to auto dial the emergency services, it will ask you to dial them now.